Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My regrets...

I decided to meet up with an old ex of mine.

Sweet girl. She loved doing all kinds of things~

Things were going great. I didn't mention that I had some what-should-be-fictional monster after me. Because, after all, Girl thinks guy's crazy =/= Guy gets lucky.

Just a tip to everyone~

Heh. What was I talking about?

Oh. Oh, right. Things could have gone a lot better.

A lot better.

She tried to be romantic by having us walk through this park. (I went with it. Even though looking at shrubbery is incredibly boring and not romantic at all. But whatever. If she was happy, good things would be in store for me.~)

He popped up. Standing in the clearing right outside of the trail to the woods.

Oh, my. How I really wanted to run off right then.

I guess I had some heart in me to try and protect her. If she survived, me running off would probably not be the best thing ever. So I'm a faux hero, in a sense?

Well, I guess that would fit more if she had survived.

Oh. Oops. Spoilers~

That woman I mentioned before decided to pop up again, though. It was nice seeing her as she was trying to bash my head into the ground. I think He's controlling her. (The bad mask was a major tip off! Seriously, that thing has a huge crack down the middle. Mr. Thin doesn't pay his employees well, it seems~

Let's not go into details with what happened next. But, ah. The woman I was with died. At least, I'm assuming she died.

Everything was a blur. The next thing I saw there was a pool of blood where she was. But there was no body.

Let's just assume she ran off for now~

Oh, right, right! I have a question for you avid fans out there~

Who is this fine Snow person everyone's talking about?

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  1. Oooh, this is going to be fun... -.-;;

    You "seem" to be coping well enough with what happened, so I'll just answer your question. There is an "entity" known as "Snow" which seems to post immediately before every comment you make on a blog, with each of your comments appearing to have occurred within the same minute of time. Similarly, "she" has a blog upon which she has made postings ridiculously similar to your own... Also within the same minute of time as your own posts. The only collective differences between the two of you being gender and attitude, otherwise you seem to be telling the same story.

    Now I'm going to go post this same thing on her blog and try to time it to go off within the same minute of time because I think that will be funny.